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Saturday, 10 August 2013
Hey guys!

I know it's been a while since the last time, i went trough finals just fine, went on a little vacation with my mom, and now I'm back. Although I've been on a very lazy mood these days, my mom asked me if i could fix a bracelet from one of her friends and i ended up making a couple of things more, with stuff i found on my little box of wonders =D.

Let me show you:

On the left we have the one i just fixed, it was missing some of its gorgeous freshwater pearls, i bought 4 more and just assembled it (easy job). I'm actually thinking of making one for myself, but the pearls are a bit expensive. it will have to wait.

Now moving on to the original work:

On top, a bracelet i made specially for my mother, who was asking for a black bracelet she could mix with some others she already has. o did not want it to be all black (fake) pearls, because i think it looks too plain, so i added those shiny things in the middle.

On the bottom is a brooch i made with some lost beads i had here. The picture does not show clearly but that red one is a beautiful bright red, like an apple. then i added a ribbon made by myself (took me a while to pass the metal through it, but i got there eventually), and voila some nice brooch was made.

And that's all, i hope i can come back soon with more cute stuff! bye bye! =D xoxoxo

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