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Tuesday, 15 October 2013
Hi Everyone,

 it's been a while, I know, but i haven't had much time or inspiration to post, and i haven't done everything worth posting here, that's the problem with having a blog with a very specific theme. So today, as a looong and boring class passes by, i found five minutes to write this. It's not much but its all i have by now.

So here it is, official announcement, recently i made a partnership with a  friend of mine that is also a blogger. you can check her blog here : The Fashionista Pretender . I'm secretly jealous of her, she has this wonderful blog and a lot of kind enthusiastic followers. Also the main theme of her blog is amazing.

You're probably asking yourselves what kind of  partnership it is, so my friend has a blog about beauty, fashion and mostly nail polish/art witch i also love, and she asked me to make a video about nail stamping to her blog and so i did, you can check it out in A crafty thing youtube account (yes, we have one now).

As you can see the blog is expanding a little bit by himself, and maybe i'll post some of my nail art once in a while(would you like it?), it's also probable that I make a couple more posts to  The Fashionista Pretender and i may post them here for you.

and that's all, have a good week

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