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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Hello fellow crafters, it's been half an year since i made my last post, and I'm terribly sorry about it. Truth is for a while, i didn't had, the time the patience or the mood for crafts. i was busy and lots of other stuff kept appearing. I could promise I'll never do it again, but i won't make such an empty promise. because i know myself and I'll probably get busy with all kinds of "shenanigans" again, I'm sorry. =(

But never mind, here i am now, and I'm going to show you what I've been up to, in one word: FIMO! also best known as polymer clay. For a long time, I've been watching and gathering youtube videos on this subject, and i wanted to try it, but in the past i had a bad experience with it so at first i resisted the urge to buy an whole store of polymer clay and stuff.

So, last week i went to an Art store and bought 6 different colours. i didn't know what i was doing yet, but i bought some pastel colours, black and some creme one to make dolls and stuff. And yesterday i finally decided, I was gonna make a chibi geisha doll! So after a long day of study for my exams, i set up my stuff and started working.

The first one i made didn't go so well, it was terribly cute, but my oven burnt it all. (i set it in a lower temperature than what says in the package but it does not work very well and after 25 minutes my fimo doll started to melt). I panicked for a bit but then i decided to make another one, I'm glad i did because it was even better than the first one.


To make the rose cheeks i used my own blush BEFORE cooking (normally pastel chalks are used for this, but i misplaced mine). After baking i painted some details with nail polish, i was gonna use acrylic paint, but i didn't have red, and i realised why use my 4 colours of acrylic, when i have like 50 different shades of polish(ah ah, 50 shades...).

And that's it for today!! (wow, i reaaally made a long post!)


  1. OMG! Eu a pensar que a única coisa que fazias eram pulseiras e tu sais-me com isto...ficaram tão fofas!

    1. a 1ª queimou =( ia me dando uma coisinha má...