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Tuesday, 11 December 2012
Hello again,

In the last post i said i was making a Garland, meanwhile i was looking for some nice ideas to decorate it and  as a searched for "garland" on Pinterest, i could not find what i wanted, and why? because what i was doing was actually a Wreath ("an assortment of flowersleavesfruitstwigs or various materials that is constructed to resemble a ring" - wikipedia). yes,  that was exactly what i wanted... therefore here is my wreath:

Sorry about the bad quality, someone borrowed my camera
 for a couple days, so i took these with my phone.
It's made from t-shirt yarn and a couple of things i had around the house, i also made a felt snowflake with a button covered in glitter (i glittered it myself, so proud), and a ribbon and green ponpon, i added some bells, to add that  Christmas feeling to it...

I've also been doing some Christmas presents, I'll post a bracelet i did today on the facebook page... hope you all like it, please give some feedback on both the things! ^.^


P.S.: T-shirt yarn is something that in Portuguese has a proper name ("Trapilho"), does any of you crafters know if there's also a different name for it in English too??


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