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Thursday, 6 December 2012
Hello everyone, it's been a while...

December came, and brought along all these wonderful Christmas crafts  *.*
 This year my mother told me that, since we're short on money she refused to buy any Christmas presents, being a sucker for giving and ofc receiving presents as I am. I became a little sad, but then i thought, well, i could make some, and so began my search for nice and cheap DIY presents, I haven't really decided on what to make for everyone , but i have some ideas that I'll be trying out from now on, hopefully i can post it here soon =D

I've also started to make some decorations, like a Garland for my door which i thought would be ready by today (for this post...) but since i had school work to do i could not end it today, let's say  it's half done....
And i also have the traditional Christmas tree, and a smaller one, not so traditional, since it's made out of a paper magazine, but it's from last year.

Now for the traditional one, this year i decided to make it simple and gorgeous, all white and golden... i really like the result, I promised in the facebook page that I'd post a photograph so here it is!

P.S.: I'll try to add some nice gift ideas to our facebook page, from now on till Christmas... along with some other things =)


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