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Saturday, 20 October 2012
Hello again,

today I'm gonna make a small post since there's nothing going on these days... =)

First thing i wanted to say, i was talking with a friend, and she said that for small posts like these one or for posting some nice pictures, it would be a good thing if i made a facebook page for this blog. i thought about it for a couple days, and decided it's actually a good idea =) so soon enough I'll post it here, the facebook page link.(It's done, i'll put it down there...)

Second, i finally started the crochet classes online i talked about. the needles i bought are still a bit too thick, but they'll do for now. I also don't really like my yarn, it splits too much and it's too soft (not in a good way), but tomorrow hopefully I'll go out to shop some supplies =D.
I also discovered that crochet is not as easy as i first thought, but it's highly addictive, so I'm not stopping or quiting so soon. by now i only managed to learn how to do a chain of stitches and single crochet stitch - for  uk, double stitch-  but it's really funny and I'm getting better at it .

Now, the really reason i came to post here, my cat. while i was distracted doing my ugly stitches he managed to hide behind my laptop. here it is.

He came for the yarn obviously, but he is now sleeping there. xD he's so cute. So say hi to Bartolomeu.
EDIT: here it is! the Facebook page for the blog:


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