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Thursday, 18 October 2012
Hello again fellow crafters,

as you can see down somewhere in the right side of this page, I've recently decided to learn how to crochet. I've wanted to do so since i was a little kid, and although my grandmother knows how to do it, and had already teach me to cross stitch, she repeatedly failed to teach me crochet. why, you ask, since it seems to be so easy. because she does it like a pro, and all i see is a mess of yarn fingers and needle. so i looked on the net and found this amazing and FREE website.

Since i had some materials at home (1 needle and some yarn) , i decided to start a couple days ago. of course, i did not thought about the obvious thing, the needle was far to big for the thin yarn i had, and i learn this by seeing how my stitches turned as ugly as a goat. after this i decided to go out the next day and buy some needles that hopefully will fit my yarn. And i went to the most obvious place, that in here we call a "retrosaria", a shop where you buy all kinds of stuff required to sewing, crochet, etc.

that's where my adventure begun. As i enter the shop the owner comes towards me and ask me if she can help me. and I innocently reply that i need a crochet needle. (and by doing this i was expecting that she would guide me to someplace on the shop where i could see all kinds of needles, well, i was mistaken).  she showed me some very very thin metallic crochet needles. "hm. not these ones. i need the ones to work with wool". and then i spent 5 minutes trying to explain that lady that "no, i don't want the knitting ones. i want some crochet needles, just bigger than these". well eventually i got to what i wanted. but it did took me ages, and a long trip through the shop.

and I'm telling you this why? firstly, because i felt like it. and secondly so you can see how hard it was to get the most normal thing in the world in a speciality shop. now imagine, if i want something like mod podge... it just does not exist! xD although i can get some glues that do almost the same effect. the brand mod podge is probably almost impossible to get, specially at a normal price. maybe if i go to the big cities, but I'll still pay like 15 euros for a small amount.

so readers, welcome to my reality, and quest for nice cheap materials. =)


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